The F. Ulloa ophthalmic clinic project selected in the FAD architecture and interior design awards 2020.

Our project for the ophthalmic clinic is atypical because its strategy differs from that of other retail or contract projects being developed on open spaces and whose program is practically solved with the furniture for the exhibition and sale of product or specific for the work that is done on these. High specialized sanitary subspaces were required so we need a complex interior architecture solved with volumes that are full and empty spaces, taking advantage of the total height of the container and allowing us to play with the scale between them.
The circle is a perfect geometry that is associated with science and its principles universal and is closely linked to the field of medicine that studies the eye, on the other hand, when breaking the dictatorship of the plane, spaces are produced in which the use of concentric geometries is very unique. So at the beginning of the project we started from the construction of spaces interiors in which the geometry of the circle had a relevant role.